Erica Dasher

Director of Photography

Elliott Sellers

Ouroboros is a short film centered around the character Naomie, a novelist, who experiences wonderfully strange side effects from a recent medical treatment – an experimental therapy with nanotechnology intended to enhance her creativity. Now, whenever she writes, her fictional world appears before her. The only problem: Naomie’s husband is now pressuring her to have a baby, which could interfere with the therapy… The movie is non-linear and unfolds like a fever dream. We are with Naomie as she moves between a hallucinatory state induced by the therapy and time in the real world with her husband, whom she has begun to grow apart from. When Naomie visits the clinic for a follow-up exam, her eccentric doctor seems utterly detached from the potential side-effects and encourages Naomie to continue the therapy. The final act finds a real and irreparable fracture in Naomie’s psyche as she comes face-to-face with her own creation, late one night on the Metro, asserting an ominous message that sometimes our greatest fears come from within our own minds.