Freeze Tag

Dinner Party (ft. Cordae, Phoelix & Snoop Dogg)

Executive Producer

Sylvia Zakhary

Set against the backdrop of an LA neighborhood cookout, the video for Dinner Party’s newest single “Freeze Tag” establishes an uplifting snapshot of normalcy. The community gathers, alongside group members Terrace Martin and Robert Glasper, for good food and light conversation. A young boy in a white tee wanders into the frame and, staring directly into the camera, fires an imaginary gun with his hands. The boy himself falls backwards, unconscious  into the arms of his crying mother as the color shifts to black-and-white and chaos ensues. Day passes into night, as flashing lights illuminate the dark street and silent onlookers. The track’s soulful sounds and emotive lyrics are contrasted with a sobering visual narrative, disrupting an idyllic image with the reality of pervasive policing and violence which continues to flood Black communities within our borders.