The Mamag Group is a holding company focused on representation and equitable opportunity across multiple sectors and industries. Home to award-winning partners and subsidiaries, our practices are rooted in cultural urgency. Mamag’s voice challenges status quo and builds brands that matter so that people can better see themselves in the world.

Founded by Sylvia M Zakhary in 2016, the Group’s portfolio companies span across Film & TV, media, fashion, advocacy and technology spheres. Mamag Group Inc. currently serves as the parent company to Mamag/Studios, Mamag/Pictures, Mamag/Creator Incubator, and Story House. Mamag Studios was celebrated as 2019’s Fourth Fastest Growing Agency by Adweek and one of the Top Storytellers to Watch in 2020 by Variety Magazine. 

Sylvia M. Zakhary

Chief Executive Officer

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